Violin Faculty

Hoei Tsu Chen

Hoei-Tsu Chen studied Violin Performance with Professors Felix Chen and Chung-Ping Hsieh at National Taiwan Arts University. After graduation, she took a position in the first violin section of the Taipei Symphony Orchestra.

In 1981, Hoei-Tsu traveled to the U.S. and enrolled in the Manhattan School of Music to further her studies under the tutelage of Prof. Stanly Bednar, further proceeding to attend several Suzuki Summer Institutes of the Suzuki Association of America. In 1989, Hoei-Tsu studied violin with Zoltan Szabo at Towson State University (TSU), Maryland while teaching in the Suzuki Program at TSU.

Hoei-Tsu’s next stop took her to Matsumoto, Japan, where she frequently and actively observed Suzuki teaching. Returning to Taiwan, she then took teaching lessons with William Starr and Hiroko Masaoka at several Suzuki training courses.

Ms. Wang is currently an Assistant Teacher of the Teacher Training Program of the Taiwan Talent Education Association (TTEA) and Asia Region Suzuki Association (ARSA). She was invited as faculty of the 2014 Asia Suzuki Conference and taught Suzuki group classes at the Xiamen University International String Symposium in 2015. With over 30 years of experience in Suzuki teaching, she serves as a senior Suzuki teacher and the President of TTEA in Taiwan.


Lan Ku Chen

Lan Ku Chen is the Honorary President of the Taiwan Talent Education Association (TTEA), violin Teacher Trainer of the Asia Region Suzuki Association (ARSA), and Representative of China Affairs of the International Suzuki Association (ISA) and ARSA. Dr. Chen has taught master classes and Suzuki teacher training courses in many countries, including China, Korea, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Australia and the U.S.

As President of the TTEA and the Representative of China Affairs, Dr. Chen established the first Suzuki Teacher Training Center in China at Xiamen University in the Fu-Jen Province in 2012, which has since trained many Chinese musicians in the Suzuki approach. In 2017, another Suzuki Teacher Training Center was established in Tianjin City of northern China.

Dr. Chen holds a Master’s Degree in Violin Performance from Yale University, School of Music, and a Doctorate in Music Education from Columbia University, Teachers College, in New York City. He studied violin performance and Suzuki pedagogy with Felix Galimir, Broadus Erle, Syoko Aki, Wolfram Konig, Albert Markov, William Starr, and Hiroko Masaoka, as well as Baroque violin with Amandine Beyer.

His current academic position is Professor of Violin at Chinese Culture University (CCU) in Taipei, Taiwan. In 2012, a graduate program specializing in Suzuki Teaching of Violin and Performance was established in CCU.

Lan Ku Chen is the editor of the Chinese translation of two Baroque treatises of violin performance – “Playing on the Violin” by F. Geminiani, and “Principle du Violon” by L’Abbe le Fils. He is the author of two violin pedagogical books, “The Systems Theory of Violin Playing” and “The Integrated Approach of Violin Performance”.

Dr. Chen is also the founder of the S.A.V.E. (Systems Approach for Violinist Enrichment) approach, a course designed to provide holistic training in music and techniques for violinists. The S.A.V.E. courses have since been taught in many countries in Asia.


Omporn Kowintha

Omporn Kowintha began her violin lessons with Prof. Choochart Pitaksakorn at the age of thirteen. She had participated with Thai Youth Orchestra and became its concertmaster during 1994-1996. In 1997, she gained her Bachelor’s Degree with Honors in Music Education from Chulalongkorn University. In 1998-1999, she received a scholarship from the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, which enabled her to study with Michael Ma. In 2000, Omporn went to the U.S.A, and studied violin with Kathryn Lucktenberg and Fritz Gearhart at the University of Oregon. She also studied Suzuki Violin Pedagogy with Shelley Rich and was a violin instructor at the Suzuki Program of Community Music Institute at University of Oregon during the time she was there. Omporn received her Master’s Degree in Violin Performance and Pedagogy in 2003.

Playing both violin and viola, Omporn participates in many chamber music ensembles and orchestras in Thailand such as Glom Piano Quartet, Bangkok String Quartet, the Artist Ensemble of Bangkok, and Pro Musica Orchestra.

She is also one of the most sought-after violin instructor in Thailand. Omporn has founded the only Suzuki Studio in Thailand called “Albyrd Violin Studio” since 2008. Now, she is also the chairperson of Thailand Association for Talent Education.


Paul Landefeld

Paul Landefeld is Executive Director Emeritus of the Suzuki Music Institute of Dallas (SMID). Mr. Landefeld holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Carnegie Mellon University and a Master of Music Education degree from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.

In 1981 Mr. Landefeld received a Certificate of Study and Observation from the Talent Education Research Institute (TERI) in Matsumoto, Japan where he studied violin under the tutelage of Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. Mr. Landefeld performed with colleagues at the memorial service for Dr. Suzuki in March 1998 at the Civic Center in Matsumoto, Japan. He has participated as speaker and/or clinician at music educators conventions and Suzuki conferences, workshops and institutes throughout the USA as well as Germany, Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Korea and the Philippines.

Mr. Landefeld taught in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area for 20 years, both in public and private programs. He founded and became the Executive Director of Talent Education of Greater Pittsburgh, an umbrella organization sponsoring support activities and outreach for the Suzuki movement in that area.

Prior to moving to Dallas, Texas in September 1986, Mr. Landefeld was Director of the American Suzuki Talent Education Center (ASTEC), now named Aber Suzuki Center, and the American Suzuki Institute (ASI) at the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point. His responsibilities included organizing and directing the summer Suzuki institute program (ASI) and teaching Suzuki Pedagogy classes to undergraduate and graduate students for university degree with emphasis in Suzuki Method® . In July 1990 he served as Director of the Texas Christian University (TCU) Suzuki Institute in Fort Worth, Texas. He has also participated in Music Teachers National Association (MTNA) conventions as a presenter/panelist and has served on the Music Educators National Conference (MENC) Ad Hoc Committee for String Education. Mr. Landefeld has also been a guest speaker at the Texas Music Teachers State Convention in Austin, Texas. Mr. Landefeld is an Honorary Life Member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas (SAA) as well as a Past President/ Board Chair (1986-1988) and a Registered Teacher Trainer of that organization. Mr. Landefeld is a recipient of the Distinguished Service Award from the SAA for Vision, Leadership and Outstanding Service.

From 2002-2011 and from 2016-2017 Mr. Landefeld served as CEO of the International Suzuki Association (ISA). From 2011-2016 he served the ISA as an At-Large Member of the Board of Directors. During his tenure as ISA Board Member and ISA-CEO he assisted in the reorganization of the ISA’s Asia region which led to the development and legal incorporation of the Asia Region Suzuki Association(ARSA).


Una Lauw

At 3½, Una Lauw learned to play the violin from her father, S.C. Lauw, who with his wife, belong to the only group of Singaporean Suzuki Teachers trained by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki.

Una completed the Suzuki Book 8 at 10, and Grade 8 exams at 11. She continued her violin studies with Ms Vivien Goh, Mr Foo Say-Ming, Mr Ng Yu-Ying, and had masterclasses with Ms Takako Nishizaki, Mr Ronald Woodcock, Mr Chua Lik Wuk, and Mr Yasuki Nakamura, Professor Lan Ku Chen. She also holds certification of violin performance at all three diploma levels from the Trinity College of Music: ATCL, LTCL & FTCL.

Una started to give violin lessons at 16 and has more than 25 years of teaching under her belt now.  She strongly believes in the Suzuki Method Philosophy, that “Every Child Can Learn” and that students should be nurtured with love.  She has trained under various Suzuki trainers (Mr Yasuki Nakamura, Prof. Hwang Kyung-Ik, Prof. Lan Ku Chen, Prof. Carmencita Arambulo, Ms Chen Wan-Tsai) from 1995. She received her full Suzuki Violin Teaching Certification in 2005 and still does review training regularly as a way to improve her teaching skills and playing techniques.

Una is proficient in teaching people of all ages and abilities, from 2½ years to adults, beginners to advanced students.  Many of her students who have passed the violin diplomas (ATCL & LTCL) continue their violin studies with her for years after. Her students also have the opportunity to perform in concerts twice a year, as an ensemble and as soloists, organized by Una and her mum, Mrs Lauw.

An advocate for the Suzuki Method in Singapore, Una is credited with working relentlessly to form the Suzuki Talent Education Association Singapore (STEAS), and has been its President since August 2015.

In her bid to understand how Suzuki Method works for other instruments, she has started on the Suzuki Piano Teachers Training since 2016.  Una is also a trained Suzuki Early Childhood Education (SECE) Teacher.

Since 1995, she has been attending Suzuki Music conferences and teacher training workshops around the world, the latest being the 2016 Bali Suzuki Conference, and observed classes by Mrs Suzuki, Martin Ruttimann, Mr Yasuki Nakamura, Koji Toyoda and many more Suzuki Trainers.

Una also has extensive experience in performing, having performed with several well-known local orchestras in Singapore including the Singapore Youth Orchestra (now known as the Singapore National Youth Orchestra), Chamber Players, Braddell Heights Symphony Orchestra and the XYO (formed by the alumni of the first 10 years of the SYO).  She also conducts her own students’ ensemble for concerts.


Allen Lieb

Allen Lieb received his M.M. in Performance from SIU/Edwardsville, studying Suzuki pedagogy with John Kendall. He holds a Teacher Training Certificate from the Talent Education Research Institute in Japan following several years’ instruction with Dr. Shinichi Suzuki. A registered Teacher-Trainer with the Suzuki Association of the Americas since 1981, Allen has taught at institutes, workshops and conferences across the US, Canada, Central America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. In July 2017, Allen became CEO of the International Suzuki Association. He is Chair of the ISA and SAA Violin Committees, a member of the SAA Heritage Committee and a frequent contributor to the SAA Journal. Currently residing in New York City, Allen is Head of the Violin Department and Instructor for the Teacher-Training Seminar at The School for Strings. He is also a violin instructor at The Diller-Quaile School of Music where he was a recipient of the 2012 Clifford/Levy Creativity Grant. For 13 years Allen served as Curriculum Coordinator for the Newark Early Strings Program, a Suzuki-based violin program jointly sponsored by the Newark Public Schools and the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, for which he was recognized with the 2008 Samuel Antek Award for Music Education. Currently he is consulting for the VH1/SavetheMusic Foundation.


Mark Mutter

Mark Mutter is a registered Teacher Trainer with the Suzuki Association of the Americas. He received his Bachelor and Master of Violin Performance studying with Walter Schwede, Angel Reyes and Camilla Wicks. His orchestral career began in Hong Kong as the Assistant Principal Second Violin of the Hong Kong Philharmonic. He also taught at the Hong Kong Academy for the Performing Arts. Mark studied Suzuki pedagogy with John Kendall, Ronda Cole, Jacquie Maurer and Geri Arnold. He is the Executive Director of Suzuki Royal Oak Institute of Music and oversees 11 teachers that teach over 150 students. He has been a clinician at Workshops and Institutes throughout the U.S. and Asia.has led the SRO Tour Group “Camerata” on concert tours throughout Europe and Canada. He is presently on the conducting staff of the Wu Family Academy, the Detroit Symphonies youth orchestra program. He conducts the Concert Orchestra and Pizzicato String Ensemble. He is also a lecturer in Suzuki Pedagogy at the University of Michigan.


Martin Rüettimann

Martin Rüttimann was born into a musical family where both parents were Suzuki teachers and founded one of the first Suzuki school in Switzerland. He studied the violin with Andras Santora and later with Detlef Hahn (London, Oslo), master classes with Alexandre Dubach, Franco Gulli, Prof. Spiller and Koji Toyoda.

In 2008 he became an ESA Suzuki teacher trainer and was appointed a teacher trainer for the ARSO in 2014. Frequently asked as a guest teacher and examiner, he was teaching at workshops all over Europe as well as around Asia, South Africa and New Zealand. He was a faculty member of the 16th World Convention 2013, held in Matsumoto and in the Asian Suzuki Conferences 2014 in Taipei and 2016 in Bali and 2018 in Manila.

Together with a team he organized the 10th European Suzuki Convention in Davos where more than 700 children from Europe, Japan, Australia and the U.S. were gathered together.

Since 2005 he is the president of the Swiss Suzuki Institute. In 2011 he was elected Chairman of the ESA (European Suzuki Association), is a trustee of the European Suzuki Teaching Development Trust (ESTDT) and represents the ESA in the board of the International Suzuki Association (ISA), to which he serves as chair from 2017-2019.


Diane Slone

One of the first students to begin lessons with Dr. Suzuki in the U.S., Ms. Diane has been active in Suzuki Talent Education for most of her life as a student, teacher, administrator, and (now) parent. An avid performer and student, in addition to Dr. Suzuki, Ms. Diane’s teachers and mentors include Myron Kartman, Roger Shermont and Peter McHugh.

Ms. Diane has served as a presenter at Suzuki Association of the America’s National Conferences and Leadership Retreats, as guest faculty (and translator) at International Suzuki Association World Conventions – including the 2013 Suzuki World Convention (Matsumoto, Japan) as well as at institutes and workshops throughout Asia, Europe and the US.

Co-founder of the East Cleveland Rainbow Suzuki Strings, one of Ms. Diane’s passions is bringing Dr. Suzuki’s philosophy and method to underserved and at-risk populations. During her tenure on the faculty of the Hartt School of Music, Ms. Diane founded, directed, and served on the faculty of the Blue Hills Suzuki Project and Strings at West, and taught students in the school’s TIP program; bringing the joy of music instruction and Suzuki philosophy to underserved populations was the focus of each of these programs.

During her time at Hartt, Ms. Diane also served as Chair of the String Department for the Community Division and Director of the David Einfeldt Chamber Music Seminar. Ms. Diane has taught on the faculties of the Cleveland Institute of Music, Northwestern University, Merit Music Program, and the Lexington (KY) Talent Education Association. She has also directed Suzuki programs in Chicago, IL; at the University of Wisconsin-Madison; in Houston, TX; and in Lexington, KY where she also served as head of the String Department for the School for Creative and Performing Arts.

Ms. Diane has held seats in the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, Lexington Philharmonic Orchestra, Madison Symphony, Matsumoto Philharmonic, Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra, Cleveland Pops Orchestra, and Cleveland Chamber Symphony. She is grateful to have had the opportunity to work under conductors such as Leonard Bernstein, Daniel Barenboim, and Pierre Boulez. She also enjoys chamber music; as a member of due at D.C., she enjoyed a very successful European tour including a fun ìhouse concertî on a cruise ship between Sweden and Finland.

Ms. Diane’s training includes MM and Doctoral studies, Northwestern University; Graduate, International Conservatory of Talent Education, Matsumoto, Japan. In addition to her work with Dr. Suzuki, other Suzuki training includes long-term training with Cathy McGlasson and Yuko Mori, as well as short-term training with Margery Aber, Louise Behrend, Anastasia Jempelis, Doris Preucil, William Starr, and many others.

Ms. Diane was excited to arrive in Hong Kong in August, 2015 as music director of KSMA. She and her daughter enjoy exploring the unique culture of Hong Kong, and are also thrilled to be close to DianBai, GuangDong to have an opportunity to give back to the orphanage that raised MaryChun during her first 13 months.


Therese Wirakesuma

Therese Wirakesuma has lived and taught in Indonesia for over 30 years. Originally from the state of Montana in the United States, she comes from a large family that grew up making music together. She began her violin studies at 13 and after High School pursued a degree in Music Education, studying in Minnesota, Germany, and in 1983 graduating from Montana State University. She obtained a Master’s Degree in Arts Education in 2006 from Deakin University Australia.  Mrs. Therese was the Strings and International Baccalaureate Music teacher at Sekolah Pelita Harapan in Lippo Village from 1994- 2014. She began her training in the Suzuki Method in 2009 and has taken many courses with Suzuki Association of Americas teacher trainers as well as Asia Region trainers, currently with Dr. Lan Ku Chen.

Mrs. Therese is the music director for Camerata Indonesia and Camerata Junior string orchestras in Lippo Village Tangerang consisting of Suzuki students, teachers and community members who enjoy frequent performances of a wide range of repertoire.  She is chairman and lead violin teacher for the Suzuki Music Association of Indonesia and is active teaching violin privately and in camps and programs throughout Indonesia.